Our mission

Segic’s mission is to offer a technology platform and management services that allow organizations take the ownership of their group insurance and benefits plans while achieving the following goals:

Cost control and reduction

The Segic platform and services are designed to automate management and administration and reduce the number of intermediaries, as well as delivering the benefits of the health and prevention services of Program G.

Enhanced services for participants

Our platform is designed to keep pace with market developments in order to support your participants’ needs. Self-service, health-management support, access to personal files and a simple claims submission procedure are just some of the areas we are addressing with our continuous improvement efforts.


Our approach is aimed at different aspects of group insurance, with the aim of providing optimal plan management. Computing technology, artificial intelligence, processes and service-provider integration are just some of our innovation targets.

Knowledge management

We offer an extensive set of tools and services to serve clients, actuaries, brokers, insurance companies and plan participants, meeting their needs for analysis, understanding, discovery and guidance in their group insurance plan management.