Analytical tools

The Segic technology platform includes an analytical component that allows the organization to review, format and share data internally, with clients or with group plan participants.

Our analysis, reporting and billing tools allow organizations to:

  • Detect fraud
  • Identify cases of excessive consumption
  • Offer participants cost-reduction options
  • Communicate relevant information to guide participants toward more sensible management of their health costs
  • Provide information related to future plan costs*

In a group insurance environment, artificial intelligence is a powerful tool that will help get rising healthcare costs under control and improve services offered to members or participants.

*The listed possibilities are subject to ongoing development.


This module has two components:


This feature offers a set of performance indicators (objectives, internal or external standards, statistical measures) designed to give you real-time updates on the progress and overall state of the group insurance plan. It also makes it possible to identify the trends that will have short, medium and long-term impacts on the use of health services.


Detailed, dynamic follow-up reports, available in real time, help the plan holder or payee better understand activities related to their plan and quickly identify trends in healthcare or changes in medication consumption. website terms of use : Legal notice - Privacy policy
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