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Our portal is the cornerstone of our business model for our customers. In conventional models, organizational and technological structures limited organizations to a multi-service approach for group plan clients.

Thanks to the Segic portal, organizations can now offer plan participants the range of additional services listed below.

Collective plan

The Segic platform facilitates interaction among participants, administrators and the plan holder. That makes this section a key to optimizing the user experience and the internal efficiency of the administration team.

Here, participants can:

  • View and modify their personal information
  • View and modify coverage
  • Submit claims
  • View previous claims
  • View the health account balance
  • View annual accumulators
  • Communicate effectively with plan administrators
  • Simulate premium changes

This section can also be used as an effective tool for communication between administrators and the policyholder. For example, participants can be sent any information about group insurance or collective health, wellness or working conditions.

Mobile health

The purpose of this part of the portal is to give participants access to a suite of virtual healthcare services. In other words, our approach to mobile health goes beyond access to doctors. We offer a constantly evolving range of services that give real online answers to health questions.

  1. Find a health professional by category
    1. Medical care
    2. Hearing care
    3. Physiotherapy services
    4. Dental care
  2. Search by clinic or company
  3. Access to virtual health services, including doctors
  4. Make appointments via phone, tablet or computer
My human resources file

This part of the portal allows the payee’s employees to access the human resources application selected by your organization. The Segic portal uses integration techniques such as Web services and application programming interfaces (APIs) to simplify links to software applications such as Allié RH and Sigma-HR.

Health boutique

This part of the portal is still in development. Segic’s vision is to give participants better access to health products and services, including online purchasing. We know organizations and group plan participants prefer a one-stop shop for all the health products and services they may use or purchase. That is why the Segic portal will enable the purchase of the following products and services:

  • Online pharmacy
  • Pharmaceuticals by mail
  • Natural products
  • Health-focused relaxation packages
  • And more
Bundled insurance

Thanks to the Segic portal and the technologies it uses, any organization can offer its plan participants group insurance products that go beyond the traditional coverage. Better still, group plan participants can benefit from preferential premiums based on the power of the group. Organizations can offer the following bundled insurance products:

  • Auto
  • Home
  • Life
  • Travel
  • Other specialized insurance products

What’s more, the platform’s communication and geolocation features will be available to organizations for targeted, non-invasive insurance promotion activities.

The Segic portal includes applications such as mobile health, human resources and bundled insurance sales. The features will be specifically adapted to the applications chosen by the client or by Segic.

Here is a video that introduces our portal concept.


We use a Progressive Web App. Developed with web technologies powered by Google, it offers the same benefits as a mobile app, without the drawbacks. Specifically, the user does not have to install an app on their phone. There is only one version of the portal, which users access in the same way from their phone, tablet or personal computer.

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