Expanding the Segic platform’s capabilities for GREATER EFFICIENCY.

The Segic platform is the strong foundation your business model needs to innovate and stay on the cutting edge to provide the best service to your clients.

Its greatest strength lies in the wide range of applications available through our Segic Platform Marketplace. These enable stakeholders to adapt to the full value chain and implement technology consistent with the Segic platform.

Enhance your investments with Segic

Each application and partner has been carefully selected to expand the Segic platform’s capabilities to various sectors complementary to the benefits, and group insurance and health sectors.

Discover the businesses that work with Segic and help drive the unique performance of our Platform Marketplace.

  • Risk Management
    • Desjardins Insurance

      More than five million of you rely on us for financial security through our life insurance, health insurance and retirement savings solutions.

      Desjardins Insurance provides a gateway to the Segic platform to receive the data required for a group plan’s claims management process. This gateway allows brokers or plan sponsors to manage the group plan through the Segic platform.

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  • Payroll System
  • Presale Process
    • TANDEM

      XRM Vision is a CRM consulting firm that specializes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology and that serves several industries, including insurance.

      Added value of the platform:
      TANDEM enables group insurance brokers to increase their productivity by automating presales and policy management processes, as well as accelerating document generation (request for proposals, quotes, etc.).

      Dina Michelle Dussault
      [email protected]
      514-819-9094 x111

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  • Benefits
  • Human Resources
  • Health Services

Join our Platform Marketplace

By integrating your solution into Segic’s platform, you’ll get access to a dynamic market that’s
constantly innovating.

The benefits and group insurance market is undergoing major changes and looking for
innovative solutions across the entire value chain.

Learn more about how to start the process.

Need a Custom Integration?

Do you need a custom integration with Segic’s platform? Harness the full potential of the best benefits and group insurance management software for businesses of all sizes by connecting with us, so we can then bring your ideas to life.

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