In recent years, we have seen significant breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Its potential is enormous. Through the continuous development of this module, Segic uses AI for:

  • Fraud detection
  • Identification of excessive claims
  • Suggesting cost-control options to participants
  • Communicating relevant information to guide participants toward more enlightened management of healthcare costs
  • Providing predictive information on future plan costs*

In a group insurance context, AI is a powerful tool that will help you keep a lid on rising health costs and improve services to members and participants.

*The listed AI features are in a state of continuous development.


This module has two major components:


This function provides a series of key performance indicators (targets, internal or external standards, statistical benchmarks) designed to display the real-time evolution and general state of your group insurance plan. It also allows you to pinpoint the trends that will influence the consumption of health services over the short, medium and long term period of time.


Detailed, dynamic follow-up reports, available in real time, help the policyholder or the plan administrator to better understand plan-related activity and quickly detect healthcare trends or changes in drug use.