Plan Management

This module, intended for administrators to easily manage participants and their coverage.

Its cloud-based design allows for easy decentralization of administration, giving the policyholder the tools they need to perform some or all administrative tasks, while delegating claims processing responsibilities to a third party.

Thanks to a deep understanding of group insurance brokers’ needs, this module includes advanced features that work seamlessly with the Segic platform. The brokerage industry is always looking for ways to innovate and deliver better service to its clients. Segic is here to support that constant pursuit of excellence. Here are the highlights:

  • Dynamic management:
    • Divisions
    • Classes
    • Members
    • Dependants
    • Benefits
    • Exemptions
  • Quote and renewal management
  • Implementation and management of multiple plans
  • Plan management
  • Premium management

The options described for the self-administration module are also available in the current brokerage administration module feature set.


Whether you are a Union, a broker or an insurance company, billing is a key function. Segic offers a billing system that accounts for the complexities of your industry. The use of the latest web technology simplifies data aggregation, leading to transparent and easy to understand billing.

  • Billing of different clients
  • Multi-insurer billing
  • Self-billing for different insurers
  • Canadian tax management
  • Special fees management


There are many tax issues to consider when certain variables change: salary, coverage, temporary leave of absence, long-term sick leave and more. Integration with a wide variety of systems is at the heart of Segic’s innovations for group insurance. Accounting systems are a key issue, because their productivity is improved with proper integration. Here are the main areas impacted by this type of integration:

  • Integration with accounting systems
  • Dynamic updates
  • Bi-directional integration


Electronic exchanges

Even if your organization is using a legacy system, web technology simplifies the various integration operations required to achieve agile management of your plan.

  • Loading of client information
  • Electronic data transfer to insurers
  • Electronic transfer of insurance premiums