Are you passionate about new technology and eager to work from around the world while enjoying benefits that meet your needs? Then this is where you belong. And if you love sports, happy hours, karaoke and trips to the sugar shack, you’ll fit right in!

  • Segic pays 100% of your benefits and group insurance
  • Benefits are “à la carte”
  • Ability of teleworking anywhere in the world


Whether you want a view on the sea, your backyard or the green spaces surrounding Segic’s HQ, the choice is yours! That’s right: on top of being able to work in our fantastic offices or in the comfort of your own home, you can also telework from another region, and even another country! Scratch that travel itch and discover any culture you want, as long as you deliver on time. A globetrotting Segicer… Why not?

A flexible schedule, with everyone working at their own pace. You manage your time, we’ll manage clients. And together, we’ll manage deliverables.

  • Trusting environment
  • Flexible framework
  • Quality of life
  • Free parking at Segic HQ
  • On-site shower


We’ve got something new in store in terms of group insurance and benefits! That’s right! Since August 1, 2022, Segic has covered 100% of its employees’ group benefits program costs. What’s more, starting January 1, 2023, Segic will implement a fully democratic group and individual benefits program. Whazzat? Simply put, you’ll be able to choose your benefits based on your budget. Whether it’s vacation time, sick leave, life insurance, drug coverage, dental, wellness… you decide what suits your needs. Satisfaction guaranteed. Who can top that?

  • Segic pays 100% of your benefits and group insuranceBenefits are “à la carte”


More and more companies are embracing our innovative and revolutionary business model! Thanks to our new technology platform, a one-of-a-kind solution in the global marketplace, how we help group benefits evolve is changing people’s lives. And you could be in the middle of the action: an adaptable, mobile and creative person who likes to think out of the box and innovate, just like us. Even better, the more Segic grows, the more opportunities you have to grow, too.

  • Continuing education
  • Conferences and workshopsand workshops
  • Opportunities for advancement

Your positive outlook is a perfect fit for Segic.

If you’re the kind of person who’s passionate about technology, enjoys teamwork and sees the glass as half full, send us your CV – we can’t wait to get to know you!

Who we are

Segic is a new player in the group insurance market. We have a particularly innovative business model that focuses on collective health. Our technology platform is unmatched in Canada, and our management services help organizations take charge of their group insurance – and develop group health plans that tackle the real issues facing organizations and their employees. We’re working to rally the industry’s stakeholders around a common goal: reducing and managing the cost of group insurance, while also building solid partnerships to implement group health plans based on prevention, health and well-being.

Our ambition is nothing less than a revolution in group insurance.


It’s always better to be happy doing what you like, isn’t it? We don’t believe in micromanagement and rigid hierarchies. We do believe in sharing ideas and expertise. We see collaboration and intellectual freedom as the keys to innovation. You are at the heart of our corporate mission.


Some have been here since the beginning, others have just joined us. Why do they stay? Why did they choose Segic? We asked them. At the top of the list, Teleworking and Globetrotting tied with the democratic Group and Individual Benefits program fully covered by Segic. Next are the Values and Business Proposition, barely edging out Equal Roles and Responsibilities, itself tied with Workplace Environment. Things are looking good for everyone to keep that spark alive!

Here are some of our favourite testimonials…

“Everyone listens to each other. You feel like you matter, and that what you’re doing is important”

“It’s a great place to work. I believe in the company’s values. I know that Segic is committed to success.”

“Our industry is fascinating and fast-changing. We’re fortunate to be working at the leading edge. A better question would be: why wouldn’t you choose Segic?”

“We’re making history in the group insurance industry.”

“Plenty of future opportunities. People are treated with respect.”