Segic is adapting to a changing market

The group insurance and health market is undergoing a massive transformation. We are about to witness the emergence of brokerage firms whose criteria will target every need of both organizations and participants.

What competitive advantages does the Segic platform offer brokerage firms?

  • Broker assumes control of the client’s administrative needs (TPA)
  • Possibility of self-management and offering clients fair insured value (from fully insured to self-insured)
  • Expansion of offerings for better client retention
  • A single group insurance card with the broker’s or client’s branding – even after changing insurers

The Segic platform makes it possible to sell value-added services to organizations and participants:

    • Human resources services
    • Mobile health
    • Health boutique
    • Bundled insurance (auto, home, personal)

The Segic platform is a source of competitiveness and efficiency for brokerages and all group plan management needs:

  • Maximization of automation for administration, adjudication and payments processing
  • Optimization of self-service features thanks to a next-generation portal that allows participants to perform administrative tasks, freeing up staff
  • Enhanced data extraction capabilities for advanced reporting, billing, performance indicators and client dashboard needs.

The group insurance and health field has changed very little in the last three decades. Segic’s vision is founded on innovation that offers, for the first time, a comprehensive program that integrates group insurance and health management with related systems: payroll, benefits, insurers and accounting systems.