The Segic platform enables an carrier, market intermediaries, a union or large organization to enjoy flexible administration of one or all benefit plans under your management.

We include the following as benefits:

Group insurance is only a subset of a benefits plan.

The Segic platform’s administration component is designed to provide operational efficiency and great flexibility in managing any type of group and individual benefits*

The main functionalities of Segic platform’s administration are:

  • No limit on the number of plans that can be managed by the platform
  • Unlimited number of group and individual benefits
  • Comprehensive multi-plan research
  • Plan structure

    • Payroll deduction calendar
    • Payroll deduction file
    • Division
    • Benefits modelling
    • Rates applicable to benefits
    • Employee categorization
  • Employee setup
  • Plan member portal access management
  • Claims management setup (if applicable)
  • Tax optimization

  • Contact information
  • Financial information account
  • Coordination
  • Dependants
  • Selected benefits
  • Health plan
  • Dental plan
  • Beneficiaries
  • Proof of insurability
  • Contributions
  • Claims
  • Deposits
  • Amounts owed history
  • Accumulators
  • Exception management
  • Portal access management
  • Document repository

  • Invoice from insurers
  • Amounts owed history
  • Invoicing calendar
  • Health and wellness account invoice
  • Premium simulation

  • Enables intermediaries to delegate the plan’s administration
  • Employee management
  • Automated requests for change or with approval request
  • Access to invoicess
  • Access to deduction files
  • Premium simulation

The Segic platform’s second-generation administration functionalities meet the needs of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Not only do we administer traditional group plans, but we have added the required features to manage any type of benefit within an organization—group, individual and corporate—without limitation.

  • *The administration of individual benefits will be added in Q3.