This module for administrators – on both the financial services and group plan payee side – provides easy and efficient management of participants, benefits and services. It is also integrated with payroll and human resources systems, the CARRA program, SAGIP and banking systems for automatic premium payments.

Plan administrators are always looking for innovation and quality of service. Segic understands their reality, and guides them in their continual search for excellence with a module that offers advanced features in full symbiosis with the Segic platform.

  • Plan’s basic parameters
  • Key contacts resources
  • Divisions
  • Payroll system and pay period schedule
  • Flexible guaranties
  • Insurer management by guarantee
  • Rate tables by guarantee and option
  • Employee categories
  • Guaranties and options by employee category
  • Employee/employer premium contribution rules
  • Rules for calculating insured capital
  • Document vault (electronic management of plan documents)
  • Customization of invitation letter for accessing the participants’ portal
  • Health and dental claims management settings
  • Basic participant information
  • Participant’s status
  • Dependents
  • Addresses, phone numbers, emails
  • Bank account
  • Division
  • Employee category
  • Guarantees, options, coverage and insurance volume
  • Managing the grandfather clause
  • Participant’s insurance premiums
  • Taxes optimization
  • Detailed history of health and dental claims
  • Document vault (electronic management of participant’s documents)
  • Beneficiary management
  • Participants’ portal access management
  • Secure file (restricted access to certain participants’ sensitive data)
  • Module for calculating premiums (by plan, participant or guarantee)
  • Self-billing management for insurers
  • Client billing management
  • Source deductions management
  • Employee/employer contributions
  • Insurance taxes by province
  • Tax exemption for Aboriginal status
  • Tax optimization of premiums
  • Calculation of retroactive premium adjustments
  • Calculation of taxable benefits
  • Global participant search
  • Document vault (electronic management of each administrator’s documents)
  • Customized plan logo (portal, medical card, reports)
  • Management of historical data
  • File transfer to insurers*
  • Multi-insurer billing
  • Performance indicators
  • Dynamic reports

*Administration features are updated every two weeks
Thanks to its cloud-based design, this module makes it easy to decentalize administration, including allowing the plan holder to perform some or all of their own administrative tasks, while delegating adjudication responsibilities to a third party.


Whether you are a payee union, a broker or an insurance company, Segic offers billing designed to handle your industry’s many complexities. For transparent, easy to understand billing, the latest web technologies simplify data aggregation.

  • Your desired logo and colour on your invoices
  • Invoicing of different clients
  • Multi-insurer billing
  • Simplicity in billing of supplementary services or guaranties such as:
    • Mobile health
    • Auto, home, travel and other insurance
    • Service in a group insurance environment: nutrition, financial management, etc.
  • Self-billing for different insurers
  • Canadian tax management
  • Special charges management


There are many tax implications that need to be taken into account when certain changes happen: change in salary or coverage, temporary leave, extended illness and many more. Integration with heterogeneous systems is at the heart of the innovation that Segic is bringing to the group insurance industry. Accounting systems are a key issue, and their productivity is enhanced by appropriate levels of integration. Here are the major features of these integrations:

  • Integration with accounting systems
  • Dynamic updates
  • Bi-directional integration

Electronic transfers

Despite the obstacles posed by the legacy systems found in many organizations, web technologies will simplify the various integrations that you will need for agile plan management.

  • Loading of client-supplied information
  • Electronic transfers to insurers
  • Electronic transfer of insurance premiums website terms of use : Legal notice - Privacy policy
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