Emma and Segic Join Forces to Provide Members with the Best Personalized, Simplified, and Fully Online Life Insurance Coverage Solution in Segic’s Benefits Marketplace

The two Canadian companies collaborate to offer employees complementary, accessible, personalized, and 100% online life insurance services.

Montreal, July 5, 2023 – Emma, a technology platform offering simplified and personalized life insurance solutions for Canadians, and Segic, a technology company specialized in developing a comprehensive platform for collective and individual organizational benefits, today announced a strategic partnership to integrate Emma into Segic’s Platform Benefits Marketplace, providing a fully online life insurance option to members of benefit programs.

The partnership between Emma and Segic will enable employees participating in benefits and group benefits programs, as well as self-employed individuals or associations, to easily access life insurance coverage for every family member with three products: term life insurance, permanent life insurance, and child protection.

Danny Boulanger, President and CEO of Segic, stated, “We are excited to partner with Emma to expand our offering of group benefits with life insurance services in Segic’s Benefits Marketplace. Together, we can provide more solutions tailored to the needs of each employee, focusing on their personalized family or individual life insurance needs.”

The partnership with Emma builds upon the agreement between Segic and Emma, the leading virtual platform for personalized life insurance. This collaboration allows Segic to strengthen its position as a provider of comprehensive solutions for organizations seeking to offer personalized and tailored social benefits to their employees.

“For Emma, our association with Segic aligns with our goal of making the best online life insurance coverage accessible to as many participants as possible. We believe that offering the opportunity to obtain the best 100% online life insurance coverage for oneself or one’s family represents a great advantage for the members, and we are thrilled to be part of Segic’s Benefits Marketplace and enhance the offering to participants in group programs,” said Felix Deschatelets, CEO and co-founder of Emma.

By partnering with Emma, Segic expands its range of services in the benefits program, offering innovative and accessible financial, health and wellness solutions to employees. This collaboration illustrates Segic’s commitment to providing personalized benefits tailored to the specific needs of each employee and facilitating access to quality care.

About Emma:

Emma, founded in 2018, is an innovative Canadian life insurance company. Through its online platform, Emma offers personalized solutions tailored to each client’s needs. The company leverages artificial intelligence and the expertise of its team to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience. In just a few years, Emma has made a mark in the Canadian market,  becoming the only online life insurance offering with modern, human values whose aim is to ease the burden of Canadian families.

To learn more about Emma:

Contact: Felix Deschatelets, felix.deschatelets@emma.ca, 1 (438) 806-7227 For more information, visit our website: www.emma.ca

About Segic:

Segic is a Canadian technology company specialized in developing a comprehensive platform for group and individual benefits. Segic’s platform enables employers to offer personalized and tailored benefits to their employees by facilitating access to voluntary, individuals, and group discount benefits in health, finance, and insurance services.

To learn more about Segic:

Contact: Danny Boulanger, dboulanger@segic.ca, 514 880-7704 Visit our website: www.segic.ca