Medzy and Segic partner to deliver virtual health and wellness services on the Segic’s Benefits Marketplace

The two Canadian companies join forces to provide employees with accessible and personalized health and wellness services.

Montreal, August 30, 2023 – Medzy, a technology platform enabling affiliated pharmacists to deliver online pharmacy services, and Segic, a technology company specializing in the development of a global platform focused on organizations’ group and individual benefits, announced today a strategic partnership to integrate Medzy into Segic’s Benefits Marketplace to provide a health option to benefits plan members.

The partnership between Medzy and Segic will provide benefits and group insurance plan members, self-employed workers and associations with easy access to personalized health and wellness services. Thanks to this collaboration, Segic’s clients will benefit from the services provided by Medzy-affiliated pharmacists, including medication management and monitoring, home delivery, as well as virtual consultations with pharmacists and health professionals.

“We are pleased to partner with Medzy to expand our health and wellness services in Segic’s Benefits Marketplace,” said Danny Boulanger, Segic’s President and CEO:  Together, we will be able to offer more solutions tailored to the needs of each employee with a focus on prevention, mental and physical health support, along with timely and convenient access to care.”

The partnership with Medzy builds on the agreement between Segic and Dialogue, Canada’s premier virtual health and wellness platform. These collaborations allow Segic to strengthen its position as a global solution provider for organizations seeking to offer personalized benefits tailored to their employees’ needs.

“Medzy’s partnership with Segic is part of our goal to make online health and wellness services accessible to as many clients as possible. We believe that offering new ways of connecting with health professionals is beneficial for consumers and we are delighted to be part of Segic’s Benefits Marketplace and enhance solutions for the group plan members,” said Medzy founder Sonia Boutin.

Medzy’s platform features a simple, user-friendly experience for pharmacists to provide their clients with optimized prescription drug management and remote health consultation services. Clients of affiliated pharmacies get free and timely delivery of their medications across Quebec.

Medzy also stands out for its commitment to data security and privacy. The platform uses advanced encryption technology and respects privacy standards, ensuring that sensitive information stays secure.

Through its partnership with Medzy, Segic is expanding its range of health and wellness services by offering innovative and accessible solutions to employees. This collaboration demonstrates Segic’s commitment to providing personalized benefits tailored to the specific needs of each employee, as well as facilitating access to quality care.

About Medzy

Founded in 2019, Medzy is a Quebec-based technological platform that enables affiliated pharmacists to provide online pharmacy services and teleconsultation. Medzy grants access to prescription medication management services, virtual consultations with pharmacists and healthcare professionals, as well as free and fast home delivery. Affiliated pharmacists conduct proactive follow-ups and offer services such as automatic prescription renewal, prescription issuance and extension, telepharmacy, and 24/7 emergency services.

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Contact: Simon Rivard,, 1-833-818-3030

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About Segic

Segic is a Canadian technology company specializing in the development of a global platform for organizations’ group and individual benefits. Segic’s platform enables employers to offer personalized benefits tailored to their employees’ needs by facilitating access to voluntary, group and individual benefits on health, financial and insurance services.

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Contact: Danny Boulanger,, 514 880-7704

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