Segic is pleased to welcome its new vice president, information technology

Véronique Laguë joins the Segic team as Vice President, Information Technology

Ms. Laguë joined the Segic team on August 12 as Vice President, Information Technology. In her new role she will oversee the development, growth, performance, optimization and maintenance of the Segic platform. Her mission will be to work with the management team to ensure technological development based on the need for innovations in group insurance and health.

Véronique Laguë holds an executive MBA from the Université de Sherbrooke. She is a senior manager with more than 27 years of experience, including 22 in information technology. A seasoned professional, she has worked for several organizations as a consultant and joined Manulife in September 2010, where she performed several management roles, primarily in corporate and individual development services for the Investment, Benefits and Retirement groups.  

In joining a start-up like Segic, our new VP is thrilled to be part of an innovative project that will revitalize group insurance and help organizations manage their benefit plans efficiently. Segic will also give her the opportunity to work closely with a small team, in an environment very different from those of the large organizations she has worked with previously.

At a crossroads 

The appointment of Ms. Laguë coincides with a growth period at Segic.With the arrival of major new clients who are ready to innovate and rethink the group insurance business model, the company must accelerate its platform development and ensure the long-term robustness of its cloud and software-as-a-service technologies. Insurers, brokers and plan holders are now seeking to benefit from an innovative model in group insurance and health. The model targets a value-added service approach for plan participants, along with a wellness service on the plan-holder side designed to have a positive impact on organizational challenges. This is where the new VP will be able to apply all her expertise.

“From the first meeting with Véronique, the management team and I were convinced that we had found the ideal person to oversee the development of Segic’s technology platform. Personally, I am are confident that with this new hire, we will be able to accelerate the innovative development of our platform,” said Segic CEO, Danny Boulanger.

About Segic

Segic’s mission is to help organizations manage their members’ group insurance and health plans more efficiently and profitably, by providing an innovative technology platform and related services designed specifically for that purpose.

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