Give your property and casualty insurance company a boost with Segic – the all-in-one platform for meeting the increasing demand for benefits and perks!

The market for insurance is constantly changing. To stay competitive, P&C insurance brokers need to keep up with new trends and technologies. Among the most pronounced trends in the industry right now is an increasing demand for comprehensive approaches that provide access and deliver group, voluntary, and individual benefits. Employers are looking to add value to employee benefits programs as a way to retain employees, attract new talent and improve organizational productivity. P&C insurance brokers who have already earned their clients’ trust have a unique opportunity to meet that demand.

And that’s where the Segic benefits technology platform comes in. With its variety of group, voluntary, and individual benefits, Segic gives P&C insurance brokers a comprehensive solution to offer their clients.

The Segic platform is designed to simplify the sales process for P&C insurance brokers. Insurers can sell directly to consumers on the Segic Marketplace, so brokers no longer need a licence to sell certain types of voluntary and individual insurance.

The platform also has things for employers and employees. As a property and casualty insurance broker, you can help employers provide attractive employee benefits to build loyalty and boost morale. The Segic platform benefits can also help employers recruit new hires by offering a wider range of benefits than the employer could otherwise provide.

And lastly, the Segic platform can help P&C insurance brokers grow their market share. They can use this comprehensive, innovative, and attractive solution to attract new clients, retain existing ones, stand out from the competition, and add to their share of the insurance market.

• A Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association report found that more than 2.3 million Canadians had taken out short-term disability insurance. This is clearly a significant market opportunity for P&C insurance brokers offering group and individual benefits.
• A Deloitte study found that benefits are increasingly considered a key factor in attracting and retaining talent, with 47% of employees saying they would consider changing jobs if benefits were better elsewhere.
• An Insurance Brokers Association of Canada found that a majority of P&C brokers (72%) considered technology an important aspect of their business. A platform like Segic that combines insurance services and other benefits can provide a practical and simple solution for brokers looking to develop their product lineup.

In conclusion, the Segic technological platform provides an innovative solution for P&C brokers looking to offer their clients a wider range of benefits and services. By meeting the growing demand for group, voluntary, and individual benefits, brokers can attract new clients and retain existing ones, thus increasing their market share. If you’re a property and casualty insurance broker looking to diversify your lineup and attract new clients, the Segic platform is well worth exploring further. With its comprehensive line of group, voluntary, and individual benefits, segic.can help you offer your clients a full-spectrum solution while maximizing your profits.